Thursday, 11 December 2014

Did You Ever For A Second Think

Did you ever for a second think that maybe I did what I did,
and that I do what I do,
to end what you didn't have the courage to?
My heart beats on, 
ready to yet again weather the storm, 
but know it will always care for you.

Friday, 21 November 2014

Forgive & Forget

If your hate for me is so strong why have you not yet willed me away?
Instead, you act like you have nothing to say.
Part of me wants to stay,
but it's too hard living this way,
never truly knowing in whose arms tonight you lay.
But I have to have faith in what we once had,
in the fact that there was so much more good than bad.
And that maybe just maybe as the moon rises and the sun prepares to set,
that both of us can forgive and forget,
and go back to being the two people we were,
on that day we first met.

Fire & Water

You traded fire for water but it's okay,
I didn't want to force you to stay.
Your will is strong but my heart, although battered, is stronger,
eventually will wears out,
but hearts, they beat on for much longer.
Water evaporates over time but fire keeps burning,
and when you loosen the tight grasp you have on your pride,
I'll be there to satisfy your insatiable yearning.

Alone In My Bed

When I lay in my bed at night,
I think of you,
I turn out the light.
I feel the cold sheets on my skin,
and fill my head with nothing but sin.
I grasp for you but you're not there,
however, in my mind you're so very clear.
Clear are your eyes staring into mine,
clear are your strong hands effortlessly making my skin whine.
Clear is your body that I know so well,
clear is the sound of your breath synching with mine as we ease our way into heavenly hell.
On disagreements of the past we dare not dwell,
we just collide and never tell.
Soon the feeling of my own hands wake me,
once again I had succumb to the temptations of the night and allowed it to take me.
It doesn't matter that you're not there,
because I know every detail of you so clear,
that when I close my eyes towards the dark I no longer fear,
and imagine you're near,
my hands don't just claw at the sheets,
they tear.

Thursday, 20 November 2014


When we first met my heart wasn't yet ready for someone new,
it was broken and beaten all black and blue.
But I handed it to you in this delicate state,
because I didn't dare turn my back on what could possibly be fate.
In your hands it sat, barely beating and heavy with wear,
how was I to know that you would be yet another to not handle it with care. 
However, hope appeared when you decided to hold onto it for a while,
but faded just as quickly the day you let it fall and it shattered on the tile.
You didn't even help me pick up the pieces you just walked away,
leaving me with a handful of fragments to live out each day.
I put them back in my empty chest but they didn't mend,
because I lost more than my heart that night, I also lost a friend.
These pieces won't keep me alive for long but it's okay,
because you touched them when they were whole,
and that beautiful thought is what helps me survive through yet another day.

Tuesday, 18 November 2014

How Could You

How could you break me?
Puncture my heart and stake me.
How could you lie?
Force me to break,
drive me to cry.
How could you just walk away?
When I would've given all of me and more to make you stay.
How could you just forget about all we had?
When you know we had so much more good than bad.
How could you not just forgive me and let go?
It's as if you killed the kind man I once used to know.
How could you turn into that type of person we always said we hated?
My memories of your old heart have almost fully faded.
You have a new heart now but it doesn't beat it cries,
because it can't take on the burden or weight of any more of your lies.
You've turned into someone I despise,
I'm no longer ashamed to let the world hear my cries.
How could you just forget that easily about the people we both were?
Lately everyday drags on like a disease with no cure.
But more than anything,
how could you once make me feel everything and now nothing at all?
Guarding that vulnerability that you once allowed only me to see,
stands a solid and impenetrable brick wall,
that I don't understand at all,
and when I try to climb it,
all I do is slip and fall.

Friday, 14 November 2014

All It Took

Understanding each other's wants and needs without even having to speak is what I loved most about you and I,
I've never had that type of connection with any other guy.
All it took was a stare for our clothes to shed,
all it took was a brush of your hand on my face and we surrendered to the bed.
All it took was a smile to make me stay,
all it took was a glare to make me back away.
All it took was a kiss to make me feel at ease,
I love that you're such a challenge to please.
All it took was your hands seducing my skin,
to make me give in so willingly to your world of sin.
All it took was your heartbeat to soothe me to sleep,
all it took was your strength to make the burning inside of me grow so deep.
All it took was you lying beside me,
for my once tarnished heart to bear red again brightly.
All it took was you,
all it took was me,
all it took was heat to ignite what was always destined to be.
A flame was meant to burn but has a fragile life,
that can end just as quickly as a heart being pierced with a knife.
Unless of course the flame has time to grow,
and it can no longer be extinguished with a simple blow,
instead creating an impenetrable world where only beautiful sinners dare to go.