Friday, 24 October 2014

Continue To Burn

No one else can put into words quite like me,
the beautiful way your skin covers mine as we prepare to set our demons free.
The past and the future, it no longer matters,
because when our bodies collide the world around us shatters.
All that exists is your breath and mine as well,
inhaling heaven and exhaling hell.
Now, it's true anyone else can fulfill this physical desire,
but only when I'm with you does it feel like fire.
A fire I never want to diminish so I keep on feeding the flame,
the embers awakening as you and I become one in the same.
Warmth, and two hearts beating as one,
we never burnt out, our fire's only just begun.
Love is patient,
love is kind,
our love is out of its beautiful fucking mind.
It does not envy,
it does not boast,
I'll always return to you because your insatiable hunger for sin matches mine the most.
Soon the sun will rise and the light will return,
but until then the flames will continue to burn.

Wednesday, 15 October 2014


When he touches me it's as if his hands weren't meant to touch any other skin,
his firm grip at the small of my back allows for the effortless entrance of beautiful sin.
His eyes look at me as if he sees no other soul,
his lips touch mine as if mine is the only heart he's ever stole.
When he talks to me it's as if I'm his breath's sole purpose of being,
how can it be a sin if our bodies both keep agreeing?
When I lie on his chest and listen to his heart,
it's as if it's been beating for me right from the start.
When he laughs it makes me smile,
which is something I haven't been able to do in a while.
When he wraps his strong arms around me it feels so right,
our hearts and breath in perfect rhythm throughout the otherwise long, lonely night.
What I love the most is how we both can't seem to get enough and always want more,
we lock the door and the clothes hit the floor,
as we help each other mend what other's once tore.

Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Beautifully Insane

Kiss me once and it's my heart you stole,
but kiss me twice and you have my soul.
Touch me soft I'll show you how,
what you wanted then baby touch it now.
Hold me tight don't let me go,
take me fast then take me slow.
Breathe me out then breathe me in,
possess my mind and convince me to sin.
Grab hold of my heart softly so that the blood doesn't shed,
grab hold of my demons and make sure they're fed.
Tell me your thoughts so that I can straddle your brain,
let me please you til' you go beautifully insane.

At Ease

The only time I'm ever truly at ease,
is when your kisses bring me to my knees.
When your touch brings goosebumps to my skin,
when your breath inhales my soul from deep within.
When your heart beats in perfect unison with my own,
when lights are dim and clothes gets thrown.
When our mouths are open but we don't kiss,
because instead we're moaning soft with bliss.
When the warmth takes over and we lose control,
allowing the tangled sheets to swallow us whole.
The only time I'm ever truly at ease is when your lips are on mine,
because when I'm lost in your embrace everything else in my life seems fine.

Thursday, 18 September 2014


The shades are drawn,
so approaches the dawn,
tonight nothing but you and I exist in the world,
everything else is gone.
Gone is the stress, the worry, the light,
all that remains is the dark sensual night. 
Gone is the clothes, what remains is the skin,
gone is the constant avoidance of sin.
Gone is anything trying to keep us apart,
gone are the cracks in my once broken heart. 
Gone are words,
they're replaced by breath,
if this would be my last moment in this world then I'd gladly welcome death.
Gone is time, gone is sleep,
for awakened is a fire that grows so deep.
But nothing stays gone forever,
nights eventually sever,
soon it will be time for us to return to the light to perform our daily endeavors,
but I'll soon be back in your arms for we're not quite ready to part however,
not now,
not then,
hopefully not ever.

Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Here To Stay

You're the reason I love it when the sun dies, 
the sky grows dark and my body cries. 
It craves your touch, it craves your skin,
passion is a game my heart plays to win.
My delicate lace, that look on your face,
I wouldn't want to be any other place.
Fight it, we tried,
but there's no ignoring the burning inside, 
we hide away from the world and our bodies collide.
While the rest of the world sleeps you and I are just beginning,
wide awake and beautifully sinning.
Wishing the sun would never shine,
so that I could stay yours and you could stay mine.
Even though the darkness will soon fade away,
that burning inside is there to stay.

Sunday, 7 September 2014

In Me

I want you in me, in every single part.
Not just sexually,
I want you all the places that sex can't reach, 
beginning with my heart.
I want you in my mind, my skin, my veins, my soul,
my bones, in my breath, in my secrets, in my arms when I lack complete control.
Beneath my sheets, in my bed, 
in the clothing you help me shed.
Under me, over me, within and never without,
all around me, it's you that found me, 
and your love is now all I'm about.