Thursday, 18 September 2014


The shades are drawn,
so approaches the dawn,
tonight nothing but you and I exist in the world,
everything else is gone.
Gone is the stress, the worry, the light,
all that remains is the dark sensual night. 
Gone is the clothes, what remains is the skin,
gone is the constant avoidance of sin.
Gone is anything trying to keep us apart,
gone are the cracks in my once broken heart. 
Gone are words,
they're replaced by breath,
if this would be my last moment in this world then I'd gladly welcome death.
Gone is time, gone is sleep,
for awakened is a fire that grows so deep.
But nothing stays gone forever,
nights eventually sever,
soon it will be time for us to return to the light to perform our daily endeavors,
but I'll soon be back in your arms for we're not quite ready to part however,
not now,
not then,
hopefully not ever.

Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Here To Stay

You're the reason I love it when the sun dies, 
the sky grows dark and my body cries. 
It craves your touch, it craves your skin,
passion is a game my heart plays to win.
My delicate lace, that look on your face,
I wouldn't want to be any other place.
Fight it, we tried,
but there's no ignoring the burning inside, 
we hide away from the world and our bodies collide.
While the rest of the world sleeps you and I are just beginning,
wide awake and beautifully sinning.
Wishing the sun would never shine,
so that I could stay yours and you could stay mine.
Even though the darkness will soon fade away,
that burning inside is there to stay.

Sunday, 7 September 2014

In Me

I want you in me, in every single part.
Not just sexually,
I want you all the places that sex can't reach, 
beginning with my heart.
I want you in my mind, my skin, my veins, my soul,
my bones, in my breath, in my secrets, in my arms when I lack complete control.
Beneath my sheets, in my bed, 
in the clothing you help me shed.
Under me, over me, within and never without,
all around me, it's you that found me, 
and your love is now all I'm about.

Wednesday, 13 August 2014


If he's in your heart he's yours for the taking,
If he's in your soul he's yours for love making.
If he's in your bones he's yours to physically gain,
If he's under your skin he's yours only through the pain.
If he's in your head he's free as a feather,
But if he flows through your veins he's yours forever.

Sunday, 10 August 2014

She Still Loves With Every Heartbeat

No matter how much she's been hurt in the past she still loves with every heartbeat,
every act of deceit.
Every tear shed,
every word said.
She still loves even after every time it hurt and she bit back her tongue,
even after every time she waited for his call and yet the phone never rung.
Even after the so many times she's been replaced,
even after he left her after getting her hooked on just a taste.
Even after her heart's been broken so badly it can almost no longer be mended,
even after he told her he loved her but she found out he pretended.
But she'll always throw her heart into the storm even though it causes her pain,
because when you find the one that can make your heart whole again there's so much good to gain.

Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Before There Was Her

Before there was her there wasn't one rule,
before there was her you were never once cruel.
Before there was her the nights belonged to you and I,
before there was her we never told each other goodbye.
Before there was her you never broke my heart,
before there was her I rarely fell apart.
Before there was her you never made me cry,
before there was her you never used to lie.
Before there was her it was me you'd call,
before there was her I thought when it came to you that I knew it all.
Before there was her, tears were few,
before there was her there was a me and you.

When There Was No Her

I don't know how you can one day just decide to throw it all away,
all of the late nights,
all of the talks,
all of the times I chose to stay.
Maybe I cared too much, 
maybe I held on too tightly to something that wasn't mine,
yet I still don't think it's right of you to leave me in tatters while you walk around just fine.
The only way we can ever return to how we were,
is when you remember that I was always there for you when there was no her.