Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Before There Was Her

Before there was her there wasn't one rule,
before there was her you were never once cruel.
Before there was her the nights belonged to you and I,
before there was her we never told each other goodbye.
Before there was her you never broke my heart,
before there was her I rarely fell apart.
Before there was her you never made me cry,
before there was her you never used to lie.
Before there was her it was me you'd call,
before there was her I thought when it came to you that I knew it all.
Before there was her, tears were few,
before there was her there was a me and you.

When There Was No Her

I don't know how you can one day just decide to throw it all away,
all of the late nights,
all of the talks,
all of the times I chose to stay.
Maybe I cared too much, 
maybe I held on too tightly to something that wasn't mine,
yet I still don't think it's right of you to leave me in tatters while you walk around just fine.
The only way we can ever return to how we were,
is when you remember that I was always there for you when there was no her.

Tuesday, 15 July 2014


People always ask why I keep letting you in,
I tell them it's because you're my favorite sin.
Everything that's whole about me you break,
everything that's good about me you take.
Everything that's white you turn black,

everything you give me you quickly take back.
Everything you say is part truth and part lie,
how can I keep loving you if you keep saying goodbye.
You make me hurt, you make me cry,
and yet my veins crave you like a high,
my soul questions my heart and asks it why,
I say it's because being grounded is a bore and that I'd much rather fly.

The Past No Longer Mattered

The door closed and the breathing started,
our lips met and barely parted.
Clothes met the floor, skin met the bed,
each knowing what the other wanted without a word even said.
Without a word spoken,
we healed all that was broken,
mended all that was shattered,
in that one moment,
the past no longer mattered.

Monday, 14 July 2014

Why I Can't Walk Away

I've never known anyone who was the cause of both my best happiness and also worst pain,
who either makes me feel infinitely loved or drives me insane.
He makes me cry just as quickly as he makes me smile,
he makes my life feel complete and yet incomplete all the while.
But the reason is simple, why I can't walk away,
it's because when it comes to thinking of him I can't go a day.

Smiled For Days

You told me you loved me once, maybe you don't remember,
it happened one night around late November.
The smell of alcohol heavy on our breath as our lips met,
our legs intertwined,
our bodies covered in sweat.
It was only when our bodies finally parted that you looked into my eyes and held my gaze,
and whispered, "I love you,"
and I smiled for days.

You Always Come Back To Me

You always come back to me even when we fight.
You always come back to me even if I was wrong and you were right.
You always come back to me even if it takes a while.
You always come back to me and make me smile.
You always come back to me even if you're with someone new.
You always come back to me even after I was convinced that I lost you.
You always come back to me no matter what and that is why,
I will always come back to you instead of saying goodbye.