Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Once Again The Heart Dies

My heart only beats with purpose at night,
when the darkness makes doing wrong feel so right.
During the day the beat is a monotone drone,
while daily routine makes one a slave all its own.
With the moon comes a promise of the unexpected and a promise of sin,
with the sun comes joy, but the demons remain hidden deeply within.
Only at night do they come out and play,
when it's time to release the tension of the day.
The hearts start beating, the demons start feeding, 
the sheets get pulled, the soul begins pleading.
But just as the blood begins reaching it's highs,
the sun starts to rise and once again the heart dies.

Monday, 14 April 2014

Dare to Touch the Fire

The darkness appeals to me so much more than the light,
doing wrong feels so incredibly right at night. 
When the sun sets and the moon rises slow,
sheets become messy, lights turn down low.
Secret meetings behind closed doors and thick walls,
from her daily pedestal of socially acceptable grace, the angel falls.
Falls so far into hell that she almost burns alive,
but his arms around her soft skin reassures her and makes the encounter worth the dive.
The flames don't singe but rather make her feel free,
and give her an incredibly clear picture of what love is supposed to be.
You only discover truth when you dare to touch the fire,
ignore all pain and give fully into the desire.

Thursday, 10 April 2014

Beautiful Lie

I'm not mad,
I'm not hurt,
I throw on my heels and my little short skirt.
Another night out to numb away all the pain,
ultimately though, what is there to gain?
I try to keep my chin up, my head high,
but red lipstick is nothing but a beautiful lie.
You're not there, you're not anywhere, 
you're missing from me and the depths of my despair.
All I care about is if your heart is steady, and not yet permanently tainted by love,
so that I have the opportunity to help you rise above.
But you remain distant and yet at the same time close,
far from perfect, unscathed but scarred, and both of us in need of yet another dose.

Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Never Known This Kind of Thrill

When you wrap your arms around me I feel loved but I also want to feel safe and sound,
as if our hearts were, by some unseen force, invisibly and intricately bound.
I know your raw mind but I'm unsure if you know it yourself,
you and you alone challenge me to be a better version of myself.
When our minds come together it's like the moon and the sun,
never dominating at the same time but each just as important as the other one.
But when our souls come together it's like wood and flame,
colliding in a slowly escalating ecstasy filled love game where we eventually disintegrate into one in the same.
I've never known this kind of thrill, 
it's like the last sip of strong alcohol, and the temptation of ordering another refill.
Sedating, numbing, satiating and ultimately enlivening every cell of one's very existence,
is what makes for an equation equalling a mutual unbearable thought of distance.

The Chase

I like a good chase,
but if you keep running forever don't expect me to catch you as my legs will eventually tire. 
There's only so much chasing one can do until they ache to catch up to the fire.
Love stories belong in books, this however is life,
where beginning, middle, and end all seem like an on-going sequence of the heart being pierced with a knife. 
Ideally it's as easy as not needing permission,
just the right amount of dominance and submission.
Late night talks and featherweight touch,
it's moments like these that are worth so much. 
Sometimes you have to stop chasing and just simply stand still,
because sometimes that beautiful fire will wrap its flames around you just for the sake of the thrill.

Thursday, 6 March 2014

The Many Beliefs of Love

People believe that love is blind but I believe that it's painfully clear,
your heart beating against your chest as a reminder that even if you don't believe in love,
love is always there.
People believe that love is kind but I believe that it's an ice cold lie,
because why is it that you can love someone, but that person just walks right on by?
People believe that love is patient but I believe that it's off the wall,
butterflies, crazy sex, and jitters aren't very patient at all.
People believe that love never fails but it dies off more often than we care to know,
when we think we have found the one but in the end it was really all just for show.
People believe that love always protects but then why do hearts get shattered?
Love should protect the lover, not leave them behind in weakened tatters.
But despite knowing all of these things I still open up my vulnerable heart to the vast unknown,
believing that I will not only one day hear love in words, but also be shown.

Wednesday, 5 March 2014


Deep within me grows a fire,
that yearns for your lips on my skin,
your touch with the intent of sin,
and every other heart's desire.
The flames weave in and out of my ribcage, encasing my heart,
and spread throughout my body, heating life into every part.
Orange, yellow, and crimson red,
beneath my skin, flames continue to spread.
My blood flow icy hot against cold sheets,
passion never cools down it just overheats.
The only way to get ashes from flame,
is to convince yourself your heart can be tame.
But if this fails and your heart runs free,
don't try to battle the embers,
just let them continue to burn and be.