Thursday, 30 July 2015

For Our Eyes Only

My sweat pours for you,
no one touches me quite like you do.
My skin reacts like fire to gasoline,
our best moments are the ones that to others, go unseen.
For our eyes only,
sheets and skin,
and every breath that screams from within.


And it was in that moment when our bodies entwined and our breath became one,
that we dreaded the morning,
and cursed the very existence of the sun.

Wednesday, 8 July 2015


it's lip to lip,
and skin on skin,
where two people acknowledge the presence of sin,
and willingly and welcoming let it in.
Demons release and become touch,
full disclosure, with you and I,
there's no such thing as too much.

Monday, 6 July 2015

Engulfed In Red

You and I, we're always brought back to one another,
it's the inner demons we share,
they intertwine like no other.
Both insatiable til' fed,
one following, one led,
by an inner fire so strong that clothing, like ashes, are quickly shed,
as both souls become willingly engulfed in red.


Our nights together,
they always make it through the weather.
Tough as leather,
yet fragile as a feather.

Thursday, 2 July 2015

Caught Your Eye

No one holds me like you do, 
your strong hands around my tiny waist with fierce intensity and fire,
your arms twisted around my tiny frame like a wire.
Gentle touch is saved for the lips,
you kiss me soft but your hand reaches for the whips.
I scream, I cry,
my back arches as if I'm about to grow the wings I need to fly.
Leather and lace make for the ultimate high,
but mix them with you, just ask me and I'll willingly comply, 
among the tousled sheets where we both lie.
My soul will forever live for these moments with you until it one day departs into the sky,
but until then, you're the guy,
and I'm the girl that caught your eye.

Thursday, 25 June 2015

Stemmed From Fate

You're the drug my body craves,
when I need more, your touch alone saves.
Rushing through my bloodstream, through every single inch,
I live for the potency of the needle's pinch.
Never enough, I always crave more,
we dim the lights and lock the door.
Privacy is when two souls create,
the air is hot, the hour is late. 
This is the moment we anticipate,
willingly our bodies participate,
intimacy cannot be denied as it's almost always stemmed from fate.