Thursday, 25 June 2015

Stemmed From Fate

You're the drug my body craves,
when I need more, your touch alone saves.
Rushing through my bloodstream, through every single inch,
I live for the potency of the needle's pinch.
Never enough, I always crave more,
we dim the lights and lock the door.
Privacy is when two souls create,
the air is hot, the hour is late. 
This is the moment we anticipate,
willingly our bodies participate,
intimacy cannot be denied as it's almost always stemmed from fate.

Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Melts Away

Garter belts and lace,
I can see it on your face, 
a look so vulnerable, yet animalistic,
a look I don't plan to yet replace.
Your hands awaken my skin,
your fingertips ignite it,
it's as if our bodies are a wick with no outer source needed to light it.
The flames engulf every last sin, while our breath exhales the ash, turning night into day,
with your arms wrapped tightly around me,
my heart will never run astray.
It's as if the whole world and everyone in it simply melts away.

Tuesday, 16 June 2015


The darkness is where secrets hide,
by no one's rules does one abide.
Two souls laying side by side,
speaking about sweet nothing's until they decide to collide.

Friday, 12 June 2015

When More Than One Heart Beats

Warmth and breath are my favorite high,
when you and I lay side by side.
Nights go by quickly but those kisses you leave on my soul last forever,
I'd be okay with the sun never again rising, ever.
Darkness is for souls entertwining themselves tightly into one,
and releasing those thoughts that go unspoken like a loaded gun.
The moon and cold sheets,
mixed together are the only drug needed when more than one heart beats.

Friday, 5 June 2015


So simple, so dire, 
yet, when in rhythm,
it is what sets the hearts on fire.
And yours and mine,
is like a bath for the soul,
all is cleansed, all is fixed.

Your Scent

Your scent on my skin,
seeping deep within.
A reminder to me,
of night's that have been.

Saturday, 17 January 2015

I Never Forgot

I never forgot about you,
not for one second,
not for one day,
I may have had to,
on the slight occasion,
become entangled in distraction to somewhat ease the hurt away.
But you were still always there,
in my heart,
in my mind,
I promise,
I swear.
I never once forgot how you smelled,
how you tasted,
our nights together while everyone else was out getting wasted.
We were getting high in our own special way,
and I never forgot the beautiful sins we committed on the sheets that we would afterward lay.
I never forgot,
I will never forget,
I will never allow my heart to miss the opportunity of skipping a beat at the mention of your name,
I will never regret.